Best Vocal Performance MALE

Tre Williams (of The Revelations) on "Until You Get Enough Of Me" (Nia)

The legendary Garland Green returned in 2012 with a terrific remake of his Top 5 hit "Jealous Kind Of Fella". The vocal performance was acclaimed and bubbled under on charts across the industry. Willie Clayton continued to churn out marvelously sung ballads like "Smile" and "Loving Eachother For Life". Runner-up Sir Charles Jones delivered the moving "On My Own Again", his best song in years. But Tre Williams of the Revelations got his due for his strong remake of the late great Ronnie Lovejoy's "Until You Get Enough Of Me". Other singers nominated were Koree' Rudolph, Vel Omarr, Simone De, Frank-O Johnson, Lenny Williams, Jeff Floyd, Latimore, Avail Hollywood, Vick Allen and Andre Lee.

Best Southern Soul/R & B Album

Vick Allen "Soul Music" (Soul 1st)

Vick Allen donned a retro-image and released a modern sounding Soul album simply entitled "Soul Music". Runner-up Ms. Jody continued her hot streak with "Ms Jody's In The House", as did Mel Waiters with "Got No Curfew". Willie Clayton released his third album in three years, "I Am The Rhythm & Blues". Garland Green of "Jealous Kind Of Fella" released his first album in 29 years called "I Should've Been The One" and last year's winner Donnie Ray came back strong with "I'm Goin' Back". Other album nominated were "It's My Time" by Big Cynthia, "A New Beginning" by L.J. Echols, "The Greatest Song I Ever Sang" by Vel Omarr, "Life After Bill" by Peggy Scott-Adams, "Last Pay Check" by Big G, "Just Like Dat" by Mr. Sam, "Watch Me Work" by Jeff Floyd, "The Devil Made Me Do It" by Chuck Roberson, "Do Not Disturb" by Jesse James, "Hammer" by Jaye Hammer and "Telling Like It Is" by Karen Wolfe.


Opening November 2nd at a theater near you


Sneak Preview

Brand New!!!

Stevie J





                      "JUST LIKE THAT"





Vick Allen has done it again with the release of this highly anticipated album "Soul Music"

Listen to the 1st single title cut "Soul Music" look for "Official Video" for "Soul Music" coming soon.......

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